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From My Patients:
I have been a patient of Daria’s for two years and cannot say enough good things about her. Daria has helped me tremendously in so many ways and she is as knowledgeable as it gets about the body and its functions. I first sought treatment primarily for seasonal allergies, which had been a major nuisance for me since childhood and all the prescribed medication in the world only contained it. Going back to middle school, even with prescribed medication, some days were so bad that I stayed home from school or even out of work. Since I’ve been getting acupuncture treatment from Daria, I have not had any issues with my seasonal allergies- I also have not taken allergy medication for two years now.
At the time I started seeing Daria, I had also made the decision to stop taking my small daily dosage of anti-anxiety medication (after consulting with my medical practitioner)- a big life choice for me, but the side effects were outweighing the benefits of taking it and acupuncture was among the treatments I sought in helping myself ween off of it- Daria addressed many of the physical and mental aspects of coming off of medication and was really helpful in that adjustment.On another occasion, I was dealing with some minor lower back pain. I told Daria about this and how it came about- after one session where she addressed it, it was gone within a day and has not returned. I still visit monthly and consult with Daria about any number of issues, physical or mental, and she has such a great knowledge base and always has great advice. I have learned a tremendous amount and have really benefited greatly from her treatment. I cannot recommend Daria highly enough.Dan M. Reluctant to try acupuncture a number of years ago, I found myself at Milton Acupuncture for help with neurological and psychological issues I had been dealing with for years using traditional medication to no avail.Daria’s approach is gentle, yet effective.  She is immensely knowledgeable and gifted at her practice, I feel completely at ease with her wide-ranging expertise of matters of the body and its energies.   She has helped me tremendously and even makes time to see me if a sudden illness or migraine comes on for which I need assistance.What’s great about Daria for any new patient, or someone considering acupuncture, she’s very open to just having a talk with you to discuss your circumstances in a comfortable way – I highly recommend her practice. Beth M. Daria is a great asset to have in your life. She can relieve many ailments through acupuncture. I was amazed by the help she gave me when treating IBS. I would recommend a call to Daria if you want to heal your body in a peaceful, relaxing environment and more importantly without taking medications! Laura W.I am a massage therapist who has referred many clients to Daria, and they were very satisfied with their treatments for problems ranging from acid reflux, weight loss, and menopause symptoms. Patricia R.When I was expecting  my second baby, the severe morning sickness (or, more accurately “all day sickness”!) that I had experienced during my first pregnancy resurfaced.  I had hoped to escape this symptom the second time around, but unfortunately it was just as bad. My work this time required that I be on the road much of the day traveling to grocery stores all over MA. However, the constant nausea  and extreme exhaustion threatened to  disrupt my functioning completely.  I was at my wits-end when a relative (who swears by acupuncture for relief from irritable bowel syndrome) suggested acupuncture to me. With my obstetrician’s consent, I decided to give it a try, and was delighted to find Daria Casinelli’s practice right here in Milton.  And it was a find indeed!  Although I knew little about acupuncture, Daria inspired great confidence: she was professional, knowledgeable, a great listener, gentle and calm. After each treatment I felt longer and longer periods of relief from my symptoms. I began to look forward eagerly to my sessions as they were so relaxing and had such a healing impact.  Eventually the morning sickness went away, whether on its own or as a result of the acupuncture, I do not know, but I do know that Daria treatments dramatically reduced my suffering and helped me like nothing else had during either pregnancy, to get through my first 1.5 trimesters. I highly recommend her. A.T.I didn’t know what to expect having never been to an acupuncturist, but Daria took the time to ask me all the pertinent questions regarding my back injury. She made me feel at ease and explained everything to me before starting with any of the treatments. My experience was very relaxing and the results were immediate. I had been to a few chiropractors in the past but the relief is only temporary. I would highly recommend Daria. Steve B.I have worked with Daria Casinelli, licensed acupuncturist, for about a year now.  She is a consummate professional, providing a perfect balance between knowledge in the profession with good, old fashioned intuiton.  She has worked carefully and in concert with other health care professionals on an ongoing health issue – and it has netted positive results!  Ms. Casinelli is also a good listener, which I think is rare in health care circles. I whole heartedly recommend her. Michael M.

Milton Acupuncture

November 15, 2018: Stop Smoking!

We can help!


Milton Acupuncture is happy to participate in the Great American Smoke Out. On Thursday, November 15, 2018 we will be running an all day clinic that uses the power of acupuncture to help you quit for good.

Have you heard of acupuncturists responding to natural disasters by running clinics for survivors and first responders? Or how our clinic treats veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress disorder? Whether on site at a fire, earthquake or battle zone,

Sign by local artist Vincent Crotty

or here at our clinic, acupuncturists all over the world use ear acupuncture to induce the kind of deep calmness that helps anyone under stress carry on. The combination of acupuncture points in the outer ear that are used for detoxing from tobacco, and other drugs, was developed at an inner city clinic in New York City during a drug epidemic decades ago. Since then the formula developed by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, (NADA) has been used all over the world to help people struggling with addiction. The 30 minute treatment eliminates the cravings that drive you back to the pack. Click here for more information about NADA: https://acudetox.

Cigarettes are hard; they’re hard on the body and they’re hard to quit. Let us help.

On Thursday, November 15, 2018 we will be offering scheduled treatments, and accepting walk-ins for stop smoking treatments. Since the whole treatment only lasts 30 minutes, if you walk-in you will not have to wait more than 30 minutes before a spot opens up. The cost of the treatment is $40. Unfortunately, there is no insurance coverage for this clinic.

Register in our Patient Portal on the right to schedule your own treatment. Or if you would rather, please call, and if we don’t pick up, please leave a message! We always return calls: 617-312-7650.

It is not necessary to completely abstain before coming in, but you should have a plan in place to use the strength you get from the treatment to your best advantage. Throw out your butts! Buy a new toothbrush, bring your smoking buddies in so that you can support each other during the following week. Make note of when you most want to smoke and if you feel that “forewarned” is not enough, “arm” yourself with a follow up treatment.

Thank you. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

Have a glorious day,

Daria Casinelli, Lic. Ac.